Monday, February 11, 2008

13 Years

Dear Husband,

As of today, we have been "us" for thirteen years, officially speaking. We have gone from unruly, uncooperative partners who threw things at each other (okay, so that was me...I'm the only one who threw anything), to card-carrying members of the World of Adults. We still fight, only now the difference is that we know how to walk away. We don't question whether or not "us" will be in existence the next day, next week, next month, or next year...we just know that we will be.

We've grown to learn each other's hot buttons. For example, you know that I am least likely to be happy to see your face first thing in the morning when I haven't yet had a cup of coffee (or nine, as seems to be the case lately). I know that you don't like it when I leave the cap off the toothpaste for extended periods of time (because the toothpaste gets all crusty). I also know that you don't like it when I take a box of Cheez-its to bed with me - it's not the act itself of bringing the box to bed, it's the fact that I usually don't put it back where it belongs and it sits on our nightstand for a few days. You are a person of order, and I am the casual laid-back, complete opposite of that.

Every now and then, you read my mind. You put your hand on my back when I feel like I need to know you're right there - without me asking you to. You bring home small presents, for no other reason than you thought I might like it, and I always do, and it's always, ALWAYS something I've been wanting, but never once told you about.

You don't seem to know it, but you are a fabulous father. You want so much for our children and I know this is why you work as hard as you do. They don't know it yet, nor do they appreciate it fully, but they will someday soon and it will make you realize for once and for all that it was worth it, that you've made a difference in the world because of the way you've raised your children.

From when we first met, you've made it your mission to make me laugh. What you don't realize is that what makes me laugh most is the sound of your laughter-I find it contagious and it makes me happy to "hear" you happy.

With you, I'm safe. I'm on common ground with you. We are partners on this road we've chosen. I've never regretted walking with you, not once, not ever.

You are my love; my life; and I'm so glad we crossed paths that one night, thirteen years ago.

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Crazy Lady said...

awww, happy anniversary!