Monday, September 11, 2006

Patricia A. Massari, age 25

Dear Patricia -

Today is the 5th anniversary of the day you were taken from this world too quickly. There are no words that can justify or explain your death, only sadness at what should have been.

You should have been able to finish the conversation with your husband about the baby you were going to have. You should have had time to hold a newborn in your arms and revel in the sheer joy of him/her. You should have had time to tell those you loved that you loved them - even if for the last time.

You should have had time to live...

I never knew you, but your picture makes me think of you as a someone with a ready smile, who could light up a room, simply by walking in to it. I also think of you as someone who not only gave great love, but that you also had it in return.

Today as I stand at the memorial service that is planned in honor of you, and the others that perished with you, I will think of you. I want you to know that contributing to this project has forever changed my life. In this sense, I want you to know that you did not die in vain. Writing to you and about you has made me realize that we all live on borrowed time. I cherish now, every moment I have with my children, all the while knowing that this is something that you were denied. I cherish my husband and let him know every day how much I love him - something I imagine you did as well, but this too, was taken from you. Your life has touched mine - and reshaped it so that I do not take for granted any of the things you and your family have been robbed of.

I thank you for bringing this change into my life.

Your family and friends who mourn and remember you now have suffered a tremendous loss. Your life was of an immeasurable importance. You cannot be replaced, and you will not be forgotten.

Patricia A. Massari, aged 25 of Glendale, NY was taken from the world on September 11, 2001.

The morning of her death, she had discovered that she and her husband of two years, Louis, would be expecting their first child together. After a bit of discussion and excitement, she left for her job as a capital analyst for Marsh & McLennan on the 98th floor of Tower One. That was the last time her husband saw her. He was on the phone with her when the first plane hit the tower, and heard her last words.

Remember Patricia…
if not for the fact that she died in the attacks of September 11, then for the fact that she will never be able to know the joys of raising her child with the husband that she loves. What was taken from her is something the rest of us are fortunate to have, but seldom give thanks for it.

She was a mother (to-be), she was one of us.

This tribute is part of the 2,996 Project. Please take some time to view the tributes to the other victims of 9/11.

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jennster said...

this was heartbreaking.... today is a killer

Tricia said...

I just found your blog through the 2996 list. Your tribute is so touching. Thanks for focusing on her motherhood. I also did a tribute for Patricia Massari. (Mine is on Wordpress, though, not my abandoned blogspot blog)

Crazy Lady said...

well said. What a beautiful tribute.

Izzy102 said...

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful person. To my siste-in-law,despite all that is going on and that I never had the pleasure of knowing you.i would like to say that you and your child remain in the memory and hearts of everyone. You are missed greatly.

Sharon T. said...

Izzy - Patricia was your sister-in-law? Please know your entire family is in my thoughts today, tomorrow and always.